Sunday, January 30, 2011

New York State of Mind

Some days I wake up and wish I was in NYC, this is one of those days. Several years ago I met my son, who was then attending college in the city, in Central Park to walk through The Gates. It was a day like this; blue sky, chilly but not bone chilling and some snow on the ground. I made this piece a couple of years ago for a photo challenge and pulled it out today to think about NYC and that day. We had such a nice time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bag for ME

Three predicaments confronted me today. One was snow storm....duh?! it's CT 2011.... two, my muse appears to be on vacation.... and three, the snow has held up the UPS truck carrying some fabric I am anxiously waiting for. I need to design and create two new pieces for a show opening February 2! Soooo, because it is a snow day and I can't get out I decided to gather all my African jacquard batik scraps left over from a quilt I recently made and made myself a gym bag. I have been going to the gym lately and enjoy every minute but the place needs some color! My bag will be just the thing to make me extra happy when I carry my things to the gym. Except for a few pieces of fabric used in this bag many of these luscious fabrics came from Cultured Expressions I put the scraps in a pile and began making squares. When all the squares were finished I squared them off to 61/2 inches and sewed them together. I used the smaller bits for the handles, found some cotton fabric for the lining, also from Africa, brought back from Mozambique by my daughter, added some pockets to the lining then sewed the bag together. Our driveway is clear, the roads are clear and we are off to the gym. My ipod was the first thing packed. I don't think the gym would be so much fun without my music!!